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Indian Startups’ Playbook To Cloud-Driven Workflow Efficiency

The traditional approach to enhancing workflow efficiency often centred on optimising manual processes, reducing paperwork and improving resource allocation within organisations. However, the emergence of cloud computing has fundamentally reshaped how we think about workflow efficiency.

Cloud technology has not just augmented traditional business practices but has also revolutionised them, providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities to leverage data, automate processes and scale operations dramatically. The cloud computing market is projected to reach $17.8 Bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 23.4%.

This transformation marks a significant shift from conventional methods, positioning cloud computing as a cornerstone in the modern landscape of workflow efficiency.

Notably, startups are leading the charge in harnessing the benefits of cloud computing, leveraging opportunities for data monetisation, boosting developer productivity, driving innovation and meeting scalability needs.

To delve deeper into the strategies and opportunities associated with cloud-based workflow automation, Inc42 and Google Cloud organised a roundtable titled – A Playbook To Cloud-Driven Workflow Efficiency – in August, 2023.

This session covered a spectrum of critical topics, including:

  • The role of optimising data for better customer engagement
  • How workload automation can Improve customer experience
  • Key learnings and valuable insights into streamlined workloads and efficient data handling

The roundtable was moderated by Ajay Marar, partner at EY. Marar comes with broad expertise in cloud technology and has helped large enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.

The session brought together technology decision-makers from diverse industries. Among them were Rajesh Jalan, chief technology officer (CTO) of Cropin; Ramesh Kumar Katreddi, vice-president of engineering at Jumbotail; Chirag Maheshwari from the founding team of FamPay; Abhijit Gairola, head of engineering at Skydo; Amit Dixit, chief technology officer (CTO) of Zolostays; Shoan Motwani, head of devops & secops at Simpl; Naveen Budda, cofounder of KarmaLifeAI; Sugam Sharma, cofounder & chief information officer (CIO) of Zeliot and Dhandapani Shanmugam, customer engineer at Google Cloud India.

Leveraging Cloud Capabilities To Accelerate Operational Transformation

Cloud technologies have transitioned from being a luxury to a necessity, equipping organisations in diverse sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, education and government to achieve unparalleled agility and foster innovation.

“As Cropin Cloud, we started our journey with a vision of unifying agriculture, breaking free from data silos and creating an ecosystem rather than a vertical platform. Our transformation was critical because the industry had many point tools, each addressing a specific aspect. We aimed to create a platform for other agriculture companies to build upon. Public cloud provides us the agility, scale and elasticity to work faster and our goal is to make the entire agriculture ecosystem run 10X faster,” said Rajesh Jalan of Cropin.

The challenge of problem-solving and building solutions often necessitates the manipulation of extensive data sets to gain in-depth insights into consumer behaviour. Today, cloud capabilities are empowering startups as well as established businesses not only to automate workloads but also to efficiently manage and process large volumes of data, but all this comes at a cost.

“Cloud gives you elasticity but leveraging that comes at a cost. You can expand as much as you want and you can scale it up but if you don’t optimise it, the cost can go haywire,” advises Chirag Maheshwari of FamPay.

To gain more insights into how startups can streamline workflow with cloud capabilities and balance the cost-innovation conundrum, watch the roundtable discussion on A Playbook To Cloud-Driven Workflow Efficiency.