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How Cloud And Generative AI Solutions Can Help India Inc Scale At An Unmatched Pace

Cloud computing offers an essential architecture of scalable resources, liberating businesses from the constraints of physical infrastructure. Its features of scalability, flexibility, cost optimisation and global connectivity have fostered a meteoric rise in India’s public cloud services market, yielding a revenue of $6.2 Bn in 2022, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

This sector is projected to reach $17.8 Bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 23.4%. Startups such as Furlenco, UDAAN and HealthifyMe bear testimony to the transformative influence of cloud computing in ecommerce and healthtech innovation.

On the other hand, India’s AI revolution embarks on expedited tasks across ecommerce, healthtech, fintech and beyond. As the Chair of the Global Partnership on AI Council, India spearheads responsible AI development and cultivates the growth of the technological ecosystem. Looking ahead, AI is poised to contribute a substantial $967 Bn to India’s economy by 2035.

To explore the interplay of cloud computing and generative AI-driven solutions in the Indian context and highlight the tapestry of accelerated growth and innovation that the country aspires to weave, Inc42 and Google Cloud organised a roundtable titled — ‘How Cloud And Generative AI Solutions Can Help India Inc Scale At An Unmatched Pace.’

The session covered a range of critical topics, including:

  • The impact of cloud adoption on go-to-market timelines
  • How traditional organisations can leverage cloud and other new technologies
  • Insights into the successful adoption of generative AI-driven solutions

The roundtable was moderated by Abhinav Johri, partner at EY. Johri works on building new solutions in the area of cloud and digital, managing (profit and loss) P&L and developing solutions along with activation. 

The session brought together notable technology decision-makers from diverse industries. Among them were Rahul Sekar, chief technology officer (CTO) of MyShubhLife; Raghu Mitra, cofounder & head-engineering at Acceldata; Sheshank Sridharan, vice-president of technology and product at Furlenco; Abhijit Khasnis, vice-president of technology at HealthifyMe; Pramod Agrawal, CTO of IBSFINtech; Gaurav Bhalotia, CTO of UDAAN; Vaibhav Magon, senior director-engineering at CheQ; Pallavi Satsangi, AI/ML delivery lead at Quantiphi, and Debasis Bhattacharya, customer engineering leader at Google Cloud India.

Revitalising Tradition: The Influence Of Cloud Technology And Generative AI-Driven Initiatives

The scalability and adaptability inherent in cloud platforms facilitate swift resource allocation, effortless application rollout, and effective testing procedures. This agility empowers enterprises to promptly address market requirements, refine their offerings and achieve expedited market entry. The capacity to readily adjust resource levels enables businesses to adeptly handle fluctuating workloads and cater to the evolving demands of customers, thereby amplifying their competitive advantage within a dynamic business landscape.

“We engage with tier II and tier III audiences across Bharat. In our journey, questions about their tech adoption, and preferences for polished or jazzy interfaces arose. These users, accustomed to top-notch platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, set a high bar. Cloud technology enables us to meet this high standard from day one,” the UDAAN CTO highlighted.

The cloud market not only caters to digital-native enterprises but also presents a remarkable opportunity for traditional organisations to rejuvenate their operations and embrace digital transformation.

“I think there are some areas where, if traditional organisations do not iterate faster, it would be an existential question in a short amount of time. And it’s not about challenging the startups, but I think the customer expectations have also improved. Like what you expected from a mobile app or a website a few months back, it’s completely changed today and will keep on changing going forward. So, everyone is iterating. Traditional enterprises are iterating as well because they have a lot of legacies to work with,” Debasis Bhattacharya of Google Cloud said.

To dive deeper into the dynamics of the cloud computing market and how startups, as well as traditional businesses, are leveraging advanced technologies like generative AI, watch the roundtable discussion on How Cloud And Generative AI Solutions Can Help India Inc Scale At An Unmatched Pace.